Dive Master certification day – The final hurdle

May 30, 2017


“You know Asha, this is not a true picture of what the ocean is normally like,” said my instructor Big D looking at me with a stifled smile. My worried face was reflected back in his mirrored faux Ray Ban aviators. “Errrrm what do you mean?” I asked awkwardly pulling at my rash vest and […]

Into The Abyss

May 13, 2017


“The Martini Effect” sounds like a condition coined by the writers of Sex And The City for single bar-hopping women. It’s not. Neither is “being Narc’d” a term used by skateboarders in baggy Carhartt pants. And “The Rapture of the Deep” is definitely not a z-list movie shown on Channel 5 on Sunday afternoons before […]

Under Pressure

May 3, 2017


The pain started as a tight squeeze on the bridge of my nose. I lifted my face upwards looking at the sunlight shining through the water and exhaled hard. The corners of my mask clamped down onto my face as water and air were forced out of the bottom. The pressure eased momentarily, but as […]

The Pool is Open

April 24, 2017


It’s been almost two weeks since my bags and myself were weighed at Nadi airport before I boarded the tiny plane to SavuSavu. As it soared over the turquoise blue landscape I was filled with excitement about plunging back into the warm water for the next ten weeks. The Drummer (my new flatmate/manager of the […]


April 10, 2017


From the moment the plane touched down in Australia the heavens opened. My first two weeks in Sydney were soggy to say the least. The city saw unprecedented rainfall throughout March and all my friends blamed me for bringing the British weather with me. Typical. Everyone needs a scapegoat. I was wearing waterproof trousers in […]

Taking The Plunge

March 5, 2017


Relief was the biggest emotion I felt the day I left Caqalai Island. As I clambered into the boat to take me onto the next leg of my journey I had several options of what to do next but no firm plans. Do I leave Fiji altogether go straight to Nadi catch a flight to […]

Trouble in Paradise

March 1, 2017


The honeymoon period lasted just four weeks. I was under no illusion that the next six months wouldn’t be hard work; but I hadn’t anticipated just how bloody difficult it was going to be dealing with people voluntarily exiled on an island too small for big egos. Then there was the disorganisation and chaotic management; […]