I have Cancer

December 29, 2017


On November 15th 2017 at the age of 41 I was officially diagnosed with Myeloma – cancer of the bone marrow. I reluctantly came back to the UK in October kicking and screaming for an urgent biopsy. It confirmed my family’s worst fears – Asymptomatic Myeloma. It’s taken a while to get my head around […]

Volcanoes and Water

September 6, 2017


It’s been an astounding few months. Hence my abscence from the blogosphere. I’ve packed so much in I have decided to try to write just the highlights, if possible. My short week in Papua New Guinea was wonderful and i will most definitely be returning to explore this captivating country on land and under water […]

Walindi Resort, Kimbe PNG

June 28, 2017


Walindi Resort sits on a plantation one hours drive from Hoskins airport in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. The property in on the shores of Kimbe Bay. Anyone who is anyone comes here to dive. The promise of “gin-clear” waters, a smorgasbord of aquatic life and few tourists makes this journey more of […]

Papua New Guinea

June 27, 2017


Marauding cannibals, city car-jackings, tribal warfare and gender violence. Papua New Guinea (PNG) does not have a great reputation as far as the rest of the world is concerned. But it’s a country I’ve long had a fascination with and I’m finally here, if only for a week.  PNG is four hours from Fiji. It’s […]

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks!!!!!

June 25, 2017


WARNING: This means you Mum! Sit down, breathe calmly and remember I’m writing this post dive, so I survived.  If you had said to me a year ago, “How do you fancy doing a baited shark dive with 30 plus apex predators in Fiji? You descend down a mooring line in a current. Crouch next […]

Nature at its best – The Garden Island of Taveuni

June 20, 2017


It’s been an incredible week here in Taveuni. The island is far from cheap and is unsurprisingly filled with honeymooners and surprisingly impoverished American and European students all volunteering and wearing inappropriate clothing more suited to Ibiza.  Trying to stay here on a budget has been a challenge. Diving has been my biggest splurge but […]

Diving The Great White Wall, Fiji

June 14, 2017


The Great White Wall is described by many as one of the must-see dive sites in the world. I first heard about it last spring while I was in Istanbul. An American woman on the news planning desk asked me if that was the reason I was going to Fiji. This led to internet research […]