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A male chimp in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda photo ©Asha Tanna 2012

How do you say goodbye to your Dad?

January 17, 2022


Tonight I have recorded the most painful voice message of my life. I never ever thought I would have to say goodbye to my father like this. I am thousands of miles away in Chiang Mai northern Thailand while my father lies in ICU in London, struggling to live. Infected with Covid, clot in heart, […]

Happy Fourth Anniversary to my Bone Marrow Cancer.

November 15, 2021


HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY to me and my bone marrow cancer!!!! This tribute is especially for you:Without you, I would never have evolved into the person I am today. You showed me what it’s like to hit rock bottom and be in a place so dark and frightening, i didn’t think I would ever have the […]

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Vaccinated at last!! One jab to go…

September 15, 2021


I can’t believe it’s September already?! I had a nudge earlier today from someone asking me for a blog update, so I’ve pulled my finger out. Most of this year has been spent living under tighter restrictions in Chiang Mai and communicating predominantly online with those who are down the road, as well as those […]

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Alive and drying out

January 24, 2021


I owe many of you a huge apology for being silent for so long. I am sorry. The truth is I’ve not been well and have had zero appetite or the means to be able write. So a brief update. Home is Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where I have been drying out from my […]

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Phnom Penh – Visa bureaucracy

March 3, 2020


I was only meant to be in Phnom Penh a week. But I ended up staying in the city almost a month. I learnt the neighbourhoods very quickly by walking everywhere. I had a local breakfast joint where the staff knew my name. I practise Ashtanga six mornings a week, with a group of amazing […]

Cambodia – Siem Reap

January 19, 2020


I touched down in Siem Reap three weeks ago. This was meant to be a straight forward visa run, but no surprises with the developing world, nothing goes to plan. The first five days were spent at a very cute yoga shala where classes are run throughout the day. It was like a small community […]

Chiang Rai

January 8, 2020


Chiang Rai was thrust into the media spotlight last year with the cave rescue of the Thai schoolboys. It’s a stunningly beautiful province in the north of Thailand: rice paddy fields, luscious green mountains, and quiet country roads. The temperature is cooler and of course rainfall is heavy when the monsoons hit. In all the […]

The Philippines

November 10, 2019


The last time I was in The Philippines was 2017 where I happened to get my diagnosis. It’s a bitter sweet memory. The island hopping and diving really helped me process and handle what was a cataclysmic shift in my life as I went through all the tests. I was alone, scared and pretty spaced […]

Moving on….

November 10, 2019


It was very hard to leave Koh Tao. By the end of my eight month stint I had found my tribe and established a routine. I love the food, culture and general vibe in Thailand. It’s a beautiful country and I’ve fallen in love with different disciplines of yoga ( Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga) thanks […]

7SEAS – one man

July 16, 2019


Sergiy Tovkus has had many guises in his life, but the ocean is something he’s always been drawn to since childhood. The Ukrainian freediver packs a statuesque figure, lean and muscular he looks every bit the dive professional. But his love of water goes beyond duck dives and breath holds. He’s a passionate advocate of […]