Author: Asha Tanna

A male chimp in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda photo ©Asha Tanna 2012



October 8, 2018


I’ve been itching to teach a full certification since I qualified. They say be careful what you wish for. Three days into my first week on Roatán I was handed a rescue student to train. For me this is the first certification as a recreational diver, that pushes you towards becoming a pro diver. It’s […]

Roatán, Honduras

September 28, 2018


Roatán makes up one of three Bay Islands (Isla di Bahia), Utila and Guanaj. They are situated between 25km to 50km off the north coast of Honduras. I touched down on Wednesday and several hours later I was slipping beneath the warm waters of the Caribbean once more into incredible visibility with a beautiful healthy […]


September 24, 2018


Panama is a paradoxical place. The shiny skyscrapers at the heart of global capitalism are the first thing that hit you on the ride out of the airport. A floating Gotham city. The area reminds me of parts of Manila. The fastest route to Casco Antiguo (old compound) is on the coastal belt highway (cinta […]

From Barbados to Grenada

July 28, 2018


“Barbados is the Miami of the Caribbean,” said the nail technician working hard to remove the dead skin from my finger cuticles. She didn’t even look up. I’m sat in a shopping mall in Grenada right now. Her intricately braided hair woven tightly. When you bounce around the islands you meet people from all over. […]


July 28, 2018


I found this blog post buried in my draft folder. No I haven’t suddenly skipped to SE Asia. I am still very much in The Caribbean. It was pit stop I made in September 2017 after my cancer diagnosis was confirmed in The Philippines. It was also the last time I went on a bender…..enjoy! […]

Lionfish and sharks

July 13, 2018


In the Caribbean Lionfish are foe not friend. These zebra stripped fish are wrecking the reefs. A species that was introduced (no one quite knows how), their numbers are damaging marine ecosystems. They are highly venomous and have few predators. They are killing off endemic species by competing with their food source and they consume […]

Races and Olympics

July 7, 2018


(NB should have been updated June 20th) Day 12 and our sailors had a busy day of activity ahead of them. Today was Race Day. All four boats had to up anchor at 0915 and at 0945 we were expected to turn our motors off, raise both sails to race to Long Bay. Our monohull […]