Author: Asha Tanna

A male chimp in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda photo ©Asha Tanna 2012


Six Months Rant – don’t read if you’re easily offended

May 16, 2018


Yesterday marked six months since my diagnosis. It’s still pretty raw and everyday when I think, “I’ve got this,” another curveball floors me and I’m left in tears with a dark grey cloud hanging over me, that just won’t shift. It was also half a year of forever on the wagon. And as a reformed […]

The IE (Instructors Exam)

February 22, 2018


Since starting the IDC (Instructor Development Course) there’s been hardly any downtime to catch my breath. The days have felt long and the nights longer with studying and homework. My homestay mum is up at the crack of dawn every day to cook a typical “Tico” breakfast for her husband. I sleep above the kitchen […]


February 3, 2018


Quepos is a beach town that lies around three hours outside of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. It’s my home for the next seven weeks and where I’ll be working and training for my scuba Instructor Development Course (IDC). At the far end of the town is the shiny newish marina with million dollar yatchs […]

Costa Rica

January 25, 2018


Costa Rica has one of the highest happiness indices in the world for its population so it seemed like a great place to rendez vous with my parents. It dissolved its navy and military 80 years this year because the government decided it was better to spend money on health and education for its people […]

Eat, Sleep, Dive

January 25, 2018


Anyone who has been on a live-aboard will understand the importance of good company. You’re living in unbelievably close quarters, sharing meal times and down time together. If it goes pear-shaped the temptation to drown your fellow shipmates is high. Out at sea, in confined spaces everything is heightened. Komodo in Indonesia was my first […]

Fierce Women

January 15, 2018


I was recently interviewed in Guatemala about my life and adventures by a group called the Fierce Women’s Collective. Answering questions is a concept that is actually much harder for a control freak/journalist than I’d like to admit. If you ‘re interested here’s the link, click on it below. I think it makes a better […]


January 6, 2018


It might only be next door to Guatemala but my God what a different culture exists in Belize. After spending two hours in the immigration line and a confused officer misreading my occupation as “DRIVER” not “DIVER” until I shook my fins at him I hurried towards the exit. I was the last passenger from […]