Author: Asha Tanna

A male chimp in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda photo ©Asha Tanna 2012


7SEAS – one man

July 16, 2019


Sergiy Tovkus has had many guises in his life, but the ocean is something he’s always been drawn to since childhood. The Ukrainian freediver packs a statuesque figure, lean and muscular he looks every bit the dive professional. But his love of water goes beyond duck dives and breath holds. He’s a passionate advocate of […]

Mabul and Sipadan

May 1, 2019


“Your dive gear has been left in Semporna,” came the reply after the radio response ended. I squinted at the manager. I could feel the exasperation building. “WTF,” I let out under my breath. “I specifically asked the woman at reception this morning, “Is everything on the boat?” and she told me “Yes, yes take […]


May 1, 2019


I’ve taken ten days off work. Suicide for freelancers some might say. But I need a break. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from three years of living in different countries, is you have to have a change of scenery to survive Island living. I love what I do, and I want to keep it […]

Nice as PIE – not quite….

April 17, 2019


I left Thailand in January and headed to Sulawesi in Indonesia for ten days. It was a trip I was hugely excited about because it would be my first proper taste of macro diving. Scouring the sea bed for small critters with my nose pressed up to the black sand. These are the underdogs of […]

Mikko Paasi – A Knight Of The Thai Kingdom

April 15, 2019


When Mikko Paasi got the call about a dangerous rescue operation in Thailand he was thousands of miles away in Malta. A tech diver specialising in cave and wreck exploration he was part of a niche group of divers that were the only hope for 12 young boys and their 25-year-old coach, trapped deep inside […]

Ten Cars

January 18, 2019


“No one ever spells my name right,” came the clipped German accent. “I tell students it’s Ten Cars but the other way around. This way they get it right.” Carsten has been at Crystal Dive Koh Tao since 2005. Originally from Dortmund he arrived in Thailand in 2002 on a world ticket and bounced back […]

Pabuk – tropical storm at best

January 4, 2019


The last of the ferries left Koh Tao on Jan 3 in the afternoon. The strained faces of worried tourists loaded up like human mules headed for the pier. As the hours wore on, residents and those left behind, waited for the impending cyclone/typhoon to hit……it never came. Thailand is still very much a developing […]