If in doubt go topless

Posted on March 6, 2014


Last night at Wendal Roderick’s fashion party in Mumbai, T’s friend the Bollywood actress came up to me and said, “Asha have you seen that young man?”

I spun around and at the bar was an Asian guy wearing a black leather jacket zipped up only half way. He was shirtless. Who thinks that is a good look?

“Oh p-leeease!!” I said wincing.

“Go and take a picture with him,” she encouraged.

“You know what, if I was more drunk I’d ask to do a Kenny Everett pose and put one hand on his chest and partly inside his jacket. While pulling an “Ooow” face. But I’m not.”

I did end up meeting him. His name is Love, I kid you not. He’s 22 and an actor. Only in Bollywood.


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