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If in doubt go topless

March 6, 2014


Last night at Wendal Roderick’s fashion party in Mumbai, T’s friend the Bollywood actress came up to me and said, “Asha have you seen that young man?” I spun around and at the bar was an Asian guy wearing a black leather jacket zipped up only half way. He was shirtless. Who thinks that is […]


March 4, 2014


Yesterday I learnt a new acronym. NRI. Sounds like a terrorist group but it’s not. Neither is it a political party. It stands for Non Resident Indian. That’s what I am. In Mumbai this gives you status and clout. T picked me up from the airport yesterday afternoon and gave me an almighty bear hug […]

Star-crossed lovers from Hollywood to Bollywood it’s one big saga

July 13, 2011


Every single woman’s worst nightmare is to be pressurised to go out with someone she doesn’t know in order to save face. Now imagine if that was done live on air and to top it all off you’re a high-profile celebrity so there’s literally nowhere to hide. That’s exactly what’s happened to Mila Kunis. The […]