Jet Set

Posted on March 5, 2014


On Tuesday night both T and I thought I was flying home, so it was meant to be a send off of sorts. I’ll come back to this later….

…..After the Brett Lee photo debacle (see last blogpost), we went off to eat some awesome Indian seafood in the Phoenix Mall and then headed to a European cafe called Zoe for drinks where I met a bunch of 20-something Brits.

These remarkable young men have all come over to Mumbai to try their luck at making a success of either their own business or living in another continent. At bit like the NGOs I met in Brazzaville the ex-pats here are a close knit community and have a very active social life. One two many vodka tonics and story swapping we skipped out to our next stop.

We pulled up outside out a hip-hop dive bar in an area called Bandra, Org, or as everyone calls Orgie is a tiny club the size of small bedroom. It’s dark, sweaty and smokey and full of models and sleazy older men and small Indians with handlebars. Another late night I crashed into bed aware that I was flying the next day.

…..except when I tried to check in on Wednesday morning I couldn’t. I must have entered that reference number five or six times before thinking I perhaps I should go back and check the details on my pdf. Hangovers clearly don’t help.

Last month in Johannesburg I missed my flight. I relied on my memory which was shot to pieces from partying and got the time wrong. It cost me an argument with the Lufthansa check-in staff because they had only just closed the desk but they were being highly unsympathetic and it cost me a whopping 500 smackers for a new flight. Never again!!

So yesterday I was determined to check-in ahead of time and not to make the same mistake twice. Except after scratching my head for twenty minutes it dawned on me I got the date wrong – was more than 24 hours early. I fly out tonight (Thursday). Christ what is wrong with me?!!

My last full day was full of last minute sight-seeing and mixing with the Mumbai jet set crowd.

During the day I visited the hanging gardens in Malabar Hill; the Mahalaxmi Temple with hoards of worshippers (no photos allowed) I was given a blessing of lotus flowers and a coconut, then a walk by the beach at sunset and to top it off a very glamorous fashion party thrown by one of India’s most revered designers Wendal Rodericks (see photo). We then crashed a Brazilian hosted party in an area called Juhu at a club called Trilogy and another 4am end to the night. I’m done.

The next week will be filled with yoga, sushi, mineral water and OD-ing on sleep.