Posted on November 27, 2014


I left Bali feeling very chilled and excited to see my friends GorgeousNess and Monty in Singapore.

Singapore is strict. They have a zero tolerance attitude to crime and something that should not be baulked at.



As I touched down they were already by the harbour gearing up for their Christmas party. I grabbed my rucksack, jumped in a cab and headed to their apartment. Quick shower, change and within the hour I had sunk two vodka tonics fast. Happy days!

GorgeousNess is personal trainer and the clever woman has set up her own fitness business and this was a chance to get clients together to celebrate ahead of the mental party season. I had a great time meeting some fantastic women, dancing, eating pizza and being proposition by a 32 year old woman from Kazakhstan, with a 22-inch waist , wearing 6 inch heels and fake boobs.

Entertainment was a dj and then a live band of misfits. A Tranny who would be just as unattractive as a man as he sadly is as woman, A short Asian man who looked like Dungeon Master after using Just For Men (hair dye) and an Indian with bad dress sense. It is never ok to wear a bow tie unless you are sporting a tuxedo. Thankfully their singing was better than their image as a group!


We stayed out until about 2am and then at 0630 I woke up to the sound of their little bundle of joy. A super beautiful one year old boy they have adopted from Ethiopia. He is so fantastic I just want to squeeze him. He has the most adventurous spirit and is such a happy child.


I pulled on GN’s sweat clothes and cautiously and with a bit of fear followed her to the park for boot camp. It was like doing bikram but worse. The humidity here even in the morning is tough and with a hangover I thought I was going to die.




The hangover was replaced with ravenous hunger. GN took me to the legendary Din Tai Fung where we ate a feast.







After we walked off our Buddha bellies with visit to Marina Bay where the beautiful Gardens by the Bay is located. One woman described this to me as something out of Avatar. She was not wrong.









Tonight I’m off out to sample Laksa, which I have not yet had since steping foot in Asia – criminal. There is famous placed called 328 Katong Laksa. Then we’re headed for some pepper crab.

Singapore is very clean and there’s not a lot to do here. I’d describe is as Hong Kong’s older more boring sister, which is why I am blessed to have amazing friends to hang out with and share some quality time.

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