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Happy Fourth Anniversary to my Bone Marrow Cancer.

November 15, 2021


HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY to me and my bone marrow cancer!!!! This tribute is especially for you:Without you, I would never have evolved into the person I am today. You showed me what it’s like to hit rock bottom and be in a place so dark and frightening, i didn’t think I would ever have the […]

Alive and drying out

January 24, 2021


I owe many of you a huge apology for being silent for so long. I am sorry. The truth is I’ve not been well and have had zero appetite or the means to be able write. So a brief update. Home is Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where I have been drying out from my […]


November 27, 2014


I left Bali feeling very chilled and excited to see my friends GorgeousNess and Monty in Singapore. Singapore is strict. They have a zero tolerance attitude to crime and something that should not be baulked at. As I touched down they were already by the harbour gearing up for their Christmas party. I grabbed my […]

Food porn

November 27, 2014


My Balinese cookery class was just the tonic for my final day. It started in the market where my small and bespoke group – just three of us – learnt about the different spices and foods on sale first. There was a wonderful Canadian woman in her mid 50s and a Swiss/German woman, who took […]

Ubud – part 2

November 24, 2014


The plane journey was interesting. The world’s smallest aircraft. The propellers looked like they weren’t spinning fast enough. It feels good to be back in Ubud. I didn’t get ripped off by the cab driver when i exited the airport and to top it off, I actually managed to direct him straight to where I […]

Mercury Poisoning

November 24, 2014


I reluctantly left Gili Air. The diving was so bloody spectacular I really wanted to stay another full day, however I had a prior engagement. On Sunday after a week of chasing a scientist I had pinned her down and got her to arrange a driver for the day to take me to see artisanal […]

Gili Air

November 24, 2014


After leaving Scrat I took a bus and then a boat and headed to Gili Air. It is an island off the mainland of Lombok and is supposed to be the Goldilocks of the three islands: Gili T, Air and Meno) T being too mental and a party place. Meno being secluded and quiet and […]

Palm reading, Batik painting and spa

November 21, 2014


My night out on the tiles ruined me. This year has been a rather sober one and I have clearly lost my capacity to bounce back from hangovers. The morning after started sloooow and the day did not really improve until my first drink in the evening. I’m in the beautiful, hip and cool town […]

Bali – fat Russians and a pink wig

November 19, 2014


The Northerner described Kuta to me as “Satan’s armpit”. I’m here with Scrat and it really isn’t that bad. Probably because it is off season. We’ve spent two days enjoying the sun, scoffing great grub, street food from the night market as well as visiting a spit-and-saw-dust joint with some of the best seafood I’ve […]

Last Day

November 16, 2014


I was very sad to leave camp. I have met some extraordinary people and it was fantastic to see another forest in another continent. On my last day I followed one of the management team into the forest along with a new intern for a lesson on navigation. The forest can be a very confusing […]