Last Day

Posted on November 16, 2014


I was very sad to leave camp. I have met some extraordinary people and it was fantastic to see another forest in another continent.

On my last day I followed one of the management team into the forest along with a new intern for a lesson on navigation. The forest can be a very confusing place to work as the landscape all looks the same especially in the wet season. I learnt about the ecology, was given some nuggets of info about several species of ant. Spotted a snake coiled up in the mud and managed to follow another gibbon group with a mother and her two infants. What a fabulous morning!

The Sabangau site is run by CIMTROP, an Indonesian conservation organisation. As well as scientists and interns there are spaces for volunteers. The lucky ones can pay to spend several weeks immersed in the day to day life of camp and all it has to offer.

Here’s video they asked me to make on behalf of OuTrop which (once approved) will be used to find adventurous, forest-loving individuals to join the team.


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