Woman smuggles monkey into court in her bra

Posted on March 13, 2011


Cara the monkey

Padding your bra is nothing new, if you’re a flat-chested woman. There’s plenty of options how to turn your modest assets into something a little more ample. The market is saturated with push-up bras; variations on The “Wonder”bra; and chicken fillets (silicone breast enhancers, for any men wonder what the hell I’m talking about).

But one woman in America decided to fill her bra with a monkey! Ok the primate wasn’t used specifically as padding but during a court appearance, she turned a few heads when she pulled it out.

The pint-sized marmoset, which is seven weeks old, was also kitted out in a dress during her hearing at the Amherst County Courthouse in Virginia.

You know how I feel about people buying primates as pets, it should never be allowed, they have not been genetically selected for domestication and even those bred in captivity are not suitable – if you need reminding have a look at my post last year.

Court officials told the American paper, News & Advance of Lynchburg that they were confused when the woman referred to her daughter, because they didn’t see anyone. That’s  apparently when she took the tiny monkey out of her bra.

The woman told the paper that she bought the animal at an online auction site and had its clothes specially made. Little Cara wore a pink and white dress on her day in court.

When deputies were asked who let the marmoset through the metal detector, they quipped: “It wasn’t armed.”

Only in America, is all I can say.