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Big Island Small Mentality

April 13, 2015


Since landing in Hilo I have relied on the kindness of strangers to take me places by car. No one really explained to me that in order to get the most out of the trip I should have my own wheels. There is a lot to see and getting across the island is impossibly difficult […]

Sunrise over Waipi’o Valley

March 24, 2015


Early morning wake ups are tough. Three thirty starts every weekend for work are horrendous. But as I was looking forward to my first weekend lie in I ironically found myself agreeing to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to drive 2 hours to see the sunrise rise on Waipio Valley.  Edit    […]

The Big Island

March 21, 2015


People have often described Hawaii as the closest thing to paradise. I must admit i was sceptical before I arrived, after one week I couldn’t agree more.       I’m on the Big Island which has many faces: black sand, white sand, lush green vegetation, waterfalls, volcanic rock and a powerful ocean with incredible waves […]

The United Nations

September 9, 2013


“Errrrm so what would be your dream job?” This wasn’t a question from the careers officer at school. No this was a question that was thrown at me three years ago when I announced I was going back to uni to study primates. It came from friends; colleagues; family and complete strangers. “It’s a bit […]

Great apes have midlife crises too

November 20, 2012


The midlife crisis cliché is not uniquely human because our primate cousins go through the same emotions. A team of international researchers have found that dissatisfaction in midlife may have evolved in our common ancestors rather than just from the stresses of modern life. The well-being of 508 captive great apes from around the world […]

Astronomers discover a real gem

October 13, 2012


There was great excitement from the women in the newsroom yesterday after the word diamond was uttered in the morning meeting.  A science story that had mystery as well as glamour. Scientists have discovered a new planet which is largely made out of these precious gems. The rocky planet called ’55 Cancri e’ orbits a sun-like […]

Chimpanzees appear to know what’s on their friends’ minds

January 5, 2012


The other day the Northerner and I were walking home from the tube and I shouted out as I thought he was about to cross the road into the path of an on-coming bus turning the corner. As it happens the bus stopped on the bend because the lights were red. But my “alarm” call […]