Fire and Brimstone

Posted on May 29, 2018


“Have you read the book of revelations?” the cabbie barked as he starred at me intensely.

“I’m not religious,”I said returning the look and motioning to the road head.

“It’s not a religious book, it’s from heaven,” he replied swinging his head back to the windscreen.

I stifled a smirk and decided not to get into a heavy conversation this morning. This was meant to be an easy ride to the airport and already I was paying the price of negotiating a fair rate.

I’d met this guy a few days early and argued a cost to the airport. Taxi are astronomically priced here. $32 means per person not a cost split between people. It confuses the Brits and infuriated the locals when people question why that is.

His rant continued: “Yer heard of Armageddon? Armageddon is coming, and God will reign down fire and brimstone on all of dem bad nations. The Chinese, Russian, Iranians all of dem. They’ll all pay. ”

His whinging continued about hard it is to earn a living in Antigua. As a country taxi drivers don’t do too badly in high season. “I have two degrees and you tink it’s easy. You gotta have eex -peeerience to get work,” his comments and commentary drained me.

He’d lived in the States for the while and he was proud of the fact that he’d travelled. But he said very little that was actually positive. It was like a bad soliloquy I couldn’t escape.

The island is predominantly Christian and there are many denominations. Some of the churches are rather beautiful but the message is always the same.

“We are all sinners and Jesus is gonna have to save your sorry ass.”

I climbed out of the taxi, “Make sure you keep in touch you hear,” he said squeezing my hand firmly.

“Goodbye and good luck…” I replied wheeling my bags into the terminal.

Let’s see what The British Virgin Islands has in store. Next stop Tortola.