Posted on June 24, 2015


Mwanza lies on the southeastern coast of Lake Victoria. It has been heralded as one of Africa’s fastest growing cities. My first impressions are hectic, grimy and full of hustlers.


As I headed down to the ferries the hawkers came like vultures. Trailing me, speaking in pigeon English and throwing Swahili phrases at me. I responded where I could, but kept moving. For some of the more bold, they kept pace bouncing along beside me trying unsuccessfully to build a conversation and some rapport.

The port is filthy and the pollution sadly spoils the view. There are a few islands that are possible to visit but nothing with any note. One island boasts a zoo but the idea of seeing caged animals depresses me, especially after my safari bonanza in Serengeti. 

 I continued up a steep hill to Capri Point peninsular. This is where all of the millionaire live in the city. The houses are ridiculous. One property that was being constructed was the size of a small hotel. The wealthy here are extravagant to the point of vulgar. It is something that Africans appear to do the continent over. And it explains why all the local people I meet are so obsessed with having “things” that can demonstrate status in their society.

I managed to cover most of the city on foot in about 4 hours. Passed Bugando hospital, most probably where dad was born, but dunno till I ask him. The famous clock-tower-roundabout, which commemorates the “discovery” of Lake Victoria and hence the source of the Nile. Bismark Rock, apparently the most photographed granite landmark (kopje). I haven’t taken as many snaps as I had hoped mainly due to safety. I was not comfortable pulling out an ipda mini and having someone swipe it from me. 

I’ve had a really good 24 hours here and I am glad I came. I’m also delighted I changed hotels because this new place serves the best bloody veggie biriyani and fish tikka I have ever eaten!!