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Stalking…..or rather Keep Track

June 26, 2015


Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of good luck. We have had our brief this evening and this time tomorrow we will be sat around a fire eating hot soup before getting ready for bed in our tents. We are expecting to gain 400m following a 5km walk. Our guide is called Athumani and […]

Mount Kilimanjaro

June 25, 2015


Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak (5895m). It is an ice-capped dormant volcano and I have signed up to hike it starting on Saturday.       My Irish friend BQ is flying into Tanzania today to join me. She is a personal trainer in her spare time and is also half fish. So post Kilimanjaro […]


June 24, 2015


Mwanza lies on the southeastern coast of Lake Victoria. It has been heralded as one of Africa’s fastest growing cities. My first impressions are hectic, grimy and full of hustlers.       As I headed down to the ferries the hawkers came like vultures. Trailing me, speaking in pigeon English and throwing Swahili phrases at […]

Rowan Atkinson, a preacher and 12 hours on the road

June 24, 2015


After a teeth-rattling tweleve hours on the road my bus pulled into Nyegez in darkness. The journey was very tough going. I was wedged into a window seat next to a fat mama and her child. Mama was so fat the poor child had no space for his legs when sat on top of her. […]

Locked and loaded

June 23, 2015


The rifle was big. Almost the same size as the ranger. Clever has worked for Arusha National Park for 11 years. He patrols the park regularly for poachers. The illegal ivory trade is still thriving in Tanzania. The country is among the worst in Africa (Mozambique also guilty) for this activity and according to conservationists […]

Serengeti National Park

June 21, 2015


I cannot put into words how exceptional my safari has been. From the moment we left the registration office it has read like a Nat Geo series – except this was all achieved in less than 48hours – unheard of!!! My buddy B from Bozeman who works in wildlife docco couldn’t believe the list of […]

Flat tyre

June 21, 2015


Getting a flat tyre is an inconvenience at the best of times, but having one in the Serengeti is positively suicidal. Although every vehicle has at least two spares, it is easy to use up both as the road is so bad. We bombed it down the dirt track flanked by the plains either side, […]