Final Day – Marrekech

Posted on March 15, 2015


I’ve been rather behind in writing this post. I’ve been back from Morocco nearly 8 weeks now. It feels like a long time and I have been to three other countries in that time as well… this space ….I’ll explain in other posts to come.

So our last day was great. I spent the whole day arguing. Anyone who knows me knows I have a stubborn streak and I can haggle until I am blue in the face. First stop was the luggage stall. I bought a crappy suitcase to fill with gifts and souvenirs to check in. I was well over my weight limit and I did not want to be slapped with tax too. Like a supermarket trolley the bag refused to go in a straight direction, instead it annoyingly veered to the left no matter how heavy the load inside it was before flipping over. Pointless wheeley-bag, I ended up carrying it in my hand.

Long story short it was large enough to fill with the beautiful blue and indigo rug I bought in Fez. That bloody thing weighed 4kg and practically travelled all around Morocco with me. Next in went a small tagine bought for £3, same price a local would pay. The man selling it said I was an “Iron Lady” who drove a hard bargain. It took a good 15 minutes of back-and-forth until he caved. Next a silver tea pot and six pretty colour glasses to have mint tea in and finally candle holders for friends with the Hand of Fatima.

I was going to buy a lantern but these guys were total rip-off merchants demanding 90 pounds for a piece of tin that felt lighter than aluminium foil. One guy dropped this exact price in less than four seconds to a fiver when I laughed in his face and told him he lived in a dream world. On principal I walked out of his shop, chancer. Another vendor got so frustrated with me arguing he turned the lights off and walked out of the stall. 

Shopping over The Singer and I managed to relocate a really cool roof terrace restaurant I had discovered by accident with The Actress on my first leg. We sat upstairs taking in the last bit of light having a coffee before heading back to shower and spruce up for our evening out.

Our last night was gonna be a polarised experience from riches to rags. Drinks at La Mamounia (the most exclusive hotel in Marrakech) and then dinner in the square. The hotel is stunning and day passes would definitely have been worth it had there been time to enjoy a full day. Inside the average age is about 50, there are about four bars and several restaurants. The guide book says there is a strict dress code policy. I was wearing a pretty frock I brought with me and had worn on NYE finished off with my £8 rubber squeaky faux-biker boots from a stall in Rabat. On arrival we saw a table of trendy 40-something Italian guys t-shirts, blazers and converse trainers – ah well maybe not in Churchill’s days. 

We sat in the Churchill bar and listening to the live jazz music and singer. The entertainment was wonderful. We ordered two glasses of red wine and enjoyed the delicious savouries that were brought out with our drinks and then ordered another round. I stuck the bill on my credit card, four glasses of wine cost me £80! Dinner in the square was a mere £4.

I was sad to say goodbye to The Singer but excited to be headed home to see family and friends and to be back in my own bed. She was off to see friends in Casablanca.

I loved every bit of my Morocco. I was blown away by how hospitable and helpful the locals were to a single woman travelling on her own. The ease of getting round by bus has empowered me to do more road trips despite having neither Arabic or French. Fez was tough going and it did admittedly wear me down a bit, but it does have charm, just go with company if you are female. The light and the stars you can see in the country are probably the most under-ratted natural phenomena there is. The spectrum of blue in the sky is absolutely breath-taking, stunning to the point of mind boggling. 

If you haven’t been to Morocco go, what on earth are you waiting for?!