Posted on August 28, 2014


I may have defied the Itinerary Gods in Chicago, but my luggage did not. I arrived in Bozeman at 10.30pm waited with anticipation for my rucksack and nada! It never made it onto the plane. I was fuming.

It was clear that staff at the airport assumed that there was no way on earth I was going to make my flight because everyone else always fails.

B was there waiting with a big grin and a bear hug at the airport, which incidentally looks like the inside of a ranch. There is wood panelling everywhere and statues of Grizzlies; Canadian Geese suspended from the ceiling and all manner of flags and trophies. If I had been blind folded and asked where I was I would have said a museum.

After speaking to the only soul person in the airport, a young man with a Jihadist like beard, we were told it would be delivered to B’s address tomorrow.

We got to his house at 11pm. He lives in a beautiful house which he helped to build, very modern but eco friendly. After a really good natter over a bottle of red wine a plate of burrata with fresh basil, beef tomatoes and an excellent French baguette I must have hit the sack at just after 1am.

I must have conked out. I slept deep, but brief. I jumped out of bed at 6am today and opened the door to my balcony. There in front of me were the Bridger Mountains. What a spectacular sight against a perfect blue sky. I decided to get dressed an go exploring leaving B a note.


First stop the grocery store on E Main Street. Carrot juice and a banana. While in the queue I got talking to a New Yorker called Alex who recommended a coffee shop to me called Off the Eatin’ Path. It is run by his friend called Blaise and just opened. It’s about a mile away from main drag towards the park and close to the hospital.

En route I got a text from B.

B: Good morning. I’m making coffee.

I text: Hey did you get my note? I’m on Ellis and Highland headed to ‘Off The Eatin’ Path’. I met a guy in the grocery store who recommended this place.

B: Is that even in Bozeman….?

Ten minutes later B cycled up and we ate bagels and had coffee in the morning sunshine talking to Blaise with the Bridger Mountains in the backdrop.

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