Goodbyes – Day 64

Posted on May 6, 2012


The last few days I’ve been saying my farewells to my dear friends who have made me so welcome in Budongo. Moses kicked off the beginning of the week, it felt odd to say goodbye but I do I hope I might see him at the lake. He has promised to visit when he goes to see his brother-in-law. I’ve been cornering the rest of the staff and field assistants as and when I see them around camp and there’s been hugs and emails exchanged. I bought a two crates of soda to share with everyone on Friday, but my plan turned into a damp squib as not everyone has been around and it wasn’t quite the “goodbye toast” I had planned. Ah well some things you just can’t plan in Uganda.

Yesterday was my final dinner with Geoffrey and the other Ugandan students: a feast of fried cabbage, matoke (mashed boiled green bananas), chapatis and beans. How will I cope without Mary’s cooking? Even the chimps came into camp this morning to say goodbye, I’m sure of it. At the moment we’re at our regular haunt in Kinyara, a members’ club where I’m slurping on ice-cold yoghurt. Later I’ll shooting some pool and play table tennis with Herbert and Ricky and later order a round of spicy pork, the food is tasty here. Then it’s home to bed and packing tomorrow morning.

The last two months have flown by for me and I can’t say it loud enough but it really has been among the best two months of my life. I realise the Northerner probably does not feel the same way……but it’s only four weeks to go before I’m back in London jabbering in your ear!!

I’m off to take some snaps, next post will be a whole new chapter – different location, different people and no doubt different challenges to conquer.