Children looting and rioting….I blame the parents!

Posted on August 9, 2011


London's burning

This is a phrase I’ve grown up with. My parents used it freely when they saw children misbehave and their mums or dads failed to discipline them. If you can’t teach young people values and instil respect for authority and seniority, what hope is there for the next generation? Where on earth do these parents think their kids are at 3am? What’s their reaction when they wake up to find a new flat screen telly at home? Since when is it acceptable to have a 10-year-old parade around like a gangster? How have parents allowed this to happen? This is not political expression, it’s theft. Start taking responsibility for your children – they’re a menace!

Riot police and mounted police were called in after the protest deteriorated into violence

The looting has escalated into mindless violence in different parts of London and for no motive other than to cause anarchy. This is not about so-called “justice” for Mark Duggan and his family. This is an excuse for young hoodlums with no jobs, probably little education and no moral responsibility for others to wreak havoc. It’s pathetic.

Police officers wearing riot gear walk past a burning building in Tottenham, north London August 7, 2011.

Even aggression in the animal kingdom has a motive. Hostility can usually be seen in primates if it’s to defend and protect kin, territory or resources like food, shelter and mates. Aggression may be necessary to ensure survival of the fittest in a fast changing environment. In hierarchies, some individuals are “picked on” in order to maintain group structure. But what we are witnessing is not even animal behaviour. It’s selfishness and ignorance at its worst – a minority of Generation Y/Millennials – lazy beggars and thieves who want something for nothing and wouldn’t know hard work if it bit them on the a***!

When they’ve run out of steam and there’s nothing left to pillage they’ll have created a ghetto that they’ll have to live in. The clean up cost will run into the tens of millions of pounds at a time when the economy continues to battle with instability. Where’s the logic in that and what have they proved? These kids simply don’t care and neither do their parents.