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Meknes, Grand Taxis and Roman Ruins

January 13, 2015


I said farewell to Fez and loaded up my backpack. Now with a heavy rug I feel like a human mule. Running for a train with 25kilos on your back is not easy especially when that’s half my body weight!! I just managed to catch the train with seconds to spare. Thankfully a large Moroccan […]

Fez, brass knick-knacks and camel heads

January 13, 2015


So many friends had said to me how much fun I would have in Fez that I was psyched to get there and explore. It is a booming tourist destination with its ancient medina bursting with textiles, tanneries, pottery, camel meat with a head signposting the butchers and brass knick-knacks. It is the new Marrakech […]

The desert

January 6, 2015


The actress and I parted early on Monday morning. I am now flying solo for my next leg, the Sahara. I’m used to travelling by bus, the longest journey I did last year was across from Uganda to Rwanda roughly 10 hours. Yesterday I smashed that. I left Marrakech on a Superatour bus headed for […]

The Atlas Mountains

January 5, 2015


I sprung out of bed excited about hiking in the Atlas Mountains. I am new to trekking and it is something that I really enjoy although I will admit that I am certainly not fast, nimble or very fit but I do love a challenge. We were picked up by our guide Ahmed at 9am […]

Ruins – Marrakech

January 4, 2015


The order for the day was historical sites. We headed off towards the pedestrian rue of Bab Agnaou passing the high, foreboding and very pink Palace walls. The Gate of Gnawa as it is known locally was named after the black slaves brought from sub-Saharan Africa. It is beautiful. The piece has been weatherbeaten to […]

New Year’s Day

January 2, 2015


We slept in on New Year’s Day probably like most people after a little bit too much wine. It was close to 11am by the time we hit the chaos of Jemaa El Fna. The sound of snake charmers’ pipes and the din of the traffic getting louder as we emerged from our quiet back […]


January 1, 2015


Yesterday afternoon my friend The Actress and I touched down in Marrakech. I am on another adventure this time an Arabian one. I hope it will involve a mountain trek, camel riding through the stunning Saharan dunes, souks, medinas, bellydancers and storytellers. Our digs are off the famous Jemaa El Fna square which is absolutely […]