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Mercury Poisoning

November 24, 2014


I reluctantly left Gili Air. The diving was so bloody spectacular I really wanted to stay another full day, however I had a prior engagement. On Sunday after a week of chasing a scientist I had pinned her down and got her to arrange a driver for the day to take me to see artisanal […]

Elephanta Caves

March 5, 2014


The slow boat over was exactly that. We were going against the current. Surprisingly the boat left dead on time at 1430. Wow a miracle, the first mode of transport in India that has been punctual. I paid the extra 10p to sit on top desk, found a seat and closed my eyes. All the […]

Row row row your boat – Day 24

April 1, 2012


Up until now I have had no evidence other than hearsay (albeit reliable hearsay) that Cordia was being logged to fuel the boat/canoe building trade. Today I came across more pit sawing sites in N5 and in one of them we found an oar. It must have been about 15 foot in length.   These […]