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Rain – Day 10

March 18, 2012


Jaana, nvua ness-sa ming-gee sana (Yesterday the rain was very heavy). I woke up to what sounded like pebbles falling onto the tin roof above my head. I looked at my watch and it read 0305. The wind was howling and as I crawled out from underneath my mossie net and peered through the curtains, […]

Jungle Life – Days 7&8

March 11, 2012


This morning I met up with Moses and another field assistant, also called Moses, who has been brought in to help cut my transect lines off grid. How hard could it be? After trekking for more than 2km we came to the boundary of the protected area N5. Wow, I never imagined the terrain to […]

Royal Mile – Day 6

March 11, 2012


Today is a public holiday so most of the field assistants are at home with their families. This morning, Nancy, a Ugandan exploring the patterns of pollinators in different areas of the Budongo Forest Reserve, came with me for a walk to the nearest village, Nyakafunju. As we left camp we were greeted by the […]

Disease Transmission – Day 5

March 11, 2012


It rained quite hard last night and the drumming on the roof drowned out the forest calls and I slept soundly. I felt fully recharged and I had expected to start my field work officially today, but everyone in camp was asked to attend a one-day talk by the resident vet, Dr Carol. The issues […]

Camp – Day 4

March 11, 2012


I awoke this morning to the sound of the chimps hooting from the forest. The apes start to stir around 0500/0530. I rolled over and covered my head with my pillow; it had been difficult night’s sleep. The racket from the forest had my full attention for most of the night. By the time I […]

Road to Masindi – Day 3

March 11, 2012


The journey out of Kampala took much longer than anticipated. I realise the bus was never going to leave on time at 1400 like the ticket conductor told me; but even he knew I could see he was lying when he looked me in the eyes and smiled. Smack bang beneath my window were three […]

Sunday Mass – Day 9

March 11, 2012


I’ve been in Budongo almost a week and I have to say the time has flown by. It’s great to be back. This morning the Sonso chimps started calling outside my front door at 0530. There is something quite magical about hearing that noise as you stir from a deep sleep. I’ve been wanting to […]

Old faces and new faces – Day 3 Kampala

March 4, 2012


Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the species of bird in my last post – for those still in the dark they were marabous. Now stop with the emails already! So today the Wee Bern and I shared a cab into Kampala. I waved goodbye to the staff at The Boma and vowed to […]

Day 2 – Wildlife in Entebbe

March 3, 2012


“Seventy-two hours!” said the man at the mobile service centre in Entebbe town. “There are many people who have registered a SIM. It should be activated by Monday or maybe Tuesday, you just have to be patient.” Once again that catchphrase T.I.A was ringing in my ears. I certainly hope he’s right, because where I’m going, […]

This Is Africa (T.I.A) Day 1 – Entebbe

March 2, 2012


I’ve finally returned to Uganda and it’s as if I’d never left. It does however feel surreal to be here again, especially as this time I’ve come as a Masters research student and not under the guise of a journalist. For the next three days I’m having a quarantine period before heading west to start […]